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Bettina Eichblatt

In search of meaning and vocation, I have gone a rather colorful journey through life between political and social commitment  and landed after diverse artistic forms of expression (dance, music, painting) with the art in public space. In 2010 I founded the street show group: OAKEAF Streetshow. Since then I have been artistic director, costume designer, performer and office administrator.
Piet Koenekoop

Technical director at Oakleaf Streetshow. All technical costume and show elements are created in his workshop. From soldering LEDs to programming microcontrollers, from welding aluminum constructions to building stilts. And, whenever possible, from used materials.
Agnes Dittbrenner

The artist has arrived in the field of artistic change work. Her main focus is on visual art and performance art. Participatory and inclusive projects, as well as free artistic work are in her focus.
Anna  Jansen               

Emelie von Holten       

Emilia S├Ągebrecht
Emma Patrigiani          

Artist and circus educator
Joana Welteke

Joana Naomi Welteke (b. 1997) is a performer, musician and stages interactive installations for public spaces or festivals.
Klara Riefenstahl         

Make-up artist
Laura Runn                

Dancer and actress
Lisa Germann

Lotte Regelski             

Artist and circus educator
Maik Reif                   

Actor and dancer
Marcella Amatamia
Works nationally & internationally in physical theater, as an actress, dancer, comedian, clown & director for various theater companies.
Marthe Timm
Nele Lamp
Paul Pabst

Photographer and videographer
Sabine Bechle
Theater educator and costume designer has been on the road with Oakleaf for 10 years.
Since moving to southern Germany, she organizes the performances for Oakleaf in southern Germany. She also has her own mini company called Mirari.
Stefan Horowitz          

Theresa Aschauer        

Artist, dancer and performer
Viola Schley
graduated from the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin in 2021, specializing in juggling.
She thrills the audience with her bouncing juggling in the spotlight as well as in the dark with her enchanting LED poi performance.
Since 2022 she performs as a stilt walker together with Oakleaf.
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