insect-o-lectic - Oakleaf Streetshow

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Humming bugs and chirping crickets.
A program to join in and listen to.
A mixture of stilt dance, body percussion and completely new sound technology.
Our contribution to the topic of insect extinction.

30 min.

Insect-o-lectic is a mixture of stilt dance and electronically supported bodypercussion. The main element is body percussion with different rhythms and sounds. Sensors attached in the costume trigger special sounds when pressed, which are stored in the program MPC. Through this possibility, rehearsed rhythms and pieces can be performed live and offer an infinite combinatorics of different sounds. In addition, the performers can move autonomously, as they work with broadcast tracks and portable, self-designed loudspeaker boxes per performing person. Spectators are activated and included in the performance The performance takes place in the square and in locomotion, with two people acting on stilts and a third on the floor.
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